Love In, Love Out

Love in, Love Out: A compassionate approach to parenting your anxious child by Dr. Malie Coyne, Clinical Psychologist and NUIG Lecturer.  Harper Collins Ireland; published July 2020.

“Having been an anxious child, and seeing parents’ difficulties responding to their child’s anxiety, I wrote this book to offer accessible and heartfelt advice for parents of children, of any age and any level of anxiety, fear or worry. With case studies throughout, Love In, Love Out translates the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as an anxious child, as a parent and as a clinical psychologist into practical advice, which offers hope and compassion for parents and children alike.”


“This is one of those books to keep by the bedside, it’s a go-to resource, a beacon of light and inspiration when the going gets tough as a parent in these anxious times we live in” Dr. Paul D’Alton, Head of Psychology, St Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin / Associate Professor of Psychology, UCD

“Written from the heart, a fabulous resource for parents and anyone working with children”.” Linsey McNelis, Parent and Play Therapist

“An insightful, practical and compassionate approach to parenting an anxious childLouise Shanagher, Children’s Therapist

“A must-have for every parent/caregiver” Aoife Hughes, Teacher, Parent, and Co-Founder of ‘Be Well Do Well’ Mental Fitness Education and Training

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