Stepping Up To Secondary School – Link to the recording of the parent webinar

A short webinar for any 6th class parents who want to support their children a bit more with the move to secondary school.

  • Life in secondary school A discussion with the speakers
    Niamh O’Flanagan
    , a school chaplain, will talk about life in secondary school, pastoral care and support. subject choices, mentoring etc.
    Helen Butler, a youth coach and information officer with Youthwork Ireland Galway, will have lots of practical tips for parents.
    Gina Dowd, an adolescent psychotherapist, will talk to any particular concerns that parents have. This might be about things like anxiety, learning supports and so on.
  • Step Up Website A guide to the website and how best to use it.
  • Q&A Put your questions to the panel.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed via the Planet Youth website at:

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