You, the Parent

Remember your own move from primary school to secondary school?

It is one of those life events that most people can recall. You might remember being excited or scared, worried or calm, anxious or happy, or all of those, and more.

In the main though, it’s a fairly manageable period and one that parents can get more emotional about than their children. The purpose of this website is to outline most of the major issues involved, so that the experience can be undertaken with minimal stress – for the whole family!

As well as helping with the successful transition to secondary school, you are helping to give your child the skills to become a well-adjusted young adult, well-placed to deal with challenges and manage themselves into the future. 

It’s an exciting time watching your child grow up, move to secondary school and start a new phase of their life. Of course it can be daunting for you, the parent – particularly if this is your oldest child. In this section of the website, we have outlined some important points that will help you to support your child.